Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Evil Eye - How To Remove Evil Eye

THE Evil Eye

In every Nation and for all intents and purposes in all religions around the globe, the expression "Cursed with Evil Eye" is, no doubt known, to practically to all people.

People accept the Evil Eye as condemnation that can bring mishap, disease and wretchedness through insidiousness of mystical look, magical glance. 

Most religions perceive hostile stare as dim enchantment and even as a work of devil  himself. That is most likely why, commonly, ministers and particularly those of Orthodox Church are utilizing specific prayers to God and blessings as a weapon Against the Evil Eye in order to allow the victim to return into the arms and assurance of God.

The unassumingly obvious evil eyes can come in distinctive structures and it can even influence  infants who are the most powerless against spiritual assaults.

There are two types of Evil Eyes ; INTENTIONAL AND UNINTENTIONAL 

Youngsters, newborn, infants are typically the ones who are cursed with accidentally placed evil eyes. The Evil Eye in order to be placed, obliges to so-called "enchantment look".

For example..

                                                    Examples of Evil Eye

a. Relative comes to visit newly introduced to life infant and out of admiration he jinxes a child.  Unintentional evil eyes or cursing as it is also known, typically is placed as a result of appreciation and admiration with no genuine dim aims.

Intentional evil eye on other hand is placed  by experienced in spiritual assaults witch or shaman whose intentions are evil.

b. After the meeting with old friend and sharing about the success of business,  for next months that successful business slowing is losing its success. Weird accidents are happening and clients are abandoning slowly.

What Are the Symptoms of Evil Eye  

Symptoms can be light or sever depending on how powerful is the one who places evil eye either intentionally or unintentionally. Most common symptoms are

  • Bad Luck
  • Headache
  • Feeling tiredness with no obvious reason
  • Feeling sleepy
  • Feeling invisible evil presence
  • Imbalance in mood
  • Body exhaustion
  • Illness

How to Deal With Evil Eye

Unintentional and freshly placed evil eye can be cured with a use of specific player and especially when it comes to newborn babies and children. The relief from symptoms should be immediate when removing evil eye from children, simply because youngsters are healing faster. After removing the evil eye, a child should stop crying and acting strangely. 

When it come to removing evil eye from adults, it  requires experienced in removing evil eye spiritual healer. Usually such healers are rare because the knowledge and the energy necessary to remove evil eyes are passed through generations from woman to man and never on the same gender . 

But because of male indifference and denial to learn the way, it had a great impact on the number of genuine spiritual healers who can truly help

Intentionally placed evil eyes can create minor health problems in the beginning and end up harming infected person not only spiritually but also physically.

Evil eyes, which are not removed can affect negatively victims chakras and block energy flow completely, something that can result to serious incurable health problems for life. 

                     My Personal Way to Deal With Evil Eye

Evil eye is a curse, a form of negative energy that enters into our aura, body and it affects us not only by giving us headaches, dizziness, tiredness but also brings bad luck, car accidents.. etc

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She has helped me enormously by removing all spiritual attacks and she restored my luck, health and happiness. I do trust the spiritual health of my children to her. 

I do recommend Barbara-Maria to everyone.

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